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6 cylinder Cam Cover

Posted by Chris Done on Oct-30-2011 under Current Projects, Interesting Bits

Leaking oil from the top of the engine? Around the 90/100 thousand mile mark the seal on the cam cover to cylinder head will start to fail. This involves 20 parts! 6 spark plug bosses, 1 cover seal and 13 seals on the mounting bolts and all necessary! Be aware that tightening the bolts does no good as they are shouldered and are non compressible.

Also, be aware of the nut on the back of the generator brace behind the rubber bush that is located in the cam cover casing. If the nut is missing, the generator/alternator is secure but the rubber bush will put pressure on the cam cover to move rearwards causing not only leaks at the back but also where the section of the cover changes after the cam chains. The nyloc nut and washer are probably missing on lots of DB7 i6s.
So that covers oils leaks on the r/h/s of the engine. Should you have oil leaks from the l/h/s side the favourite is the 6 orings, 4 on the transfer pipes and 2 on the cooler lines to the block. The orings go hard and the section changes to square!

Aston Martin DB7 Dashboard

Posted by Chris Done on Mar-24-2011 under Interesting Bits

Aston DB7

“AstonDB7 – Restoring the dashboard of a 1996 DB7
quite a daunting task (on the left with dashboard removed) & a good match but a difference can be seen as the hide is from a different cow in a different century (on the right)