Aston Martin DB7 cup holder frustration.

Why Doesn’t my Aston Martin have a cup holder? See our Parts page for pricing.

DB7 Cup Hoolder

Have you ever found yourself wanting to take a sip from your water bottle, only to find it’s rolled up the front of the passenger footwell? Frustrated with groping around in the footwell for an errant bottle yet again, it was time to do something about it.

After a lot of contemplation, sketches and sitting in the car, it became clear that the only place for a bottle holder was by the door sill at the front corner of the seat. Now, several versions later and the bottle holder needs no fixing, so no holes in your Aston, and slips under the footwell carpets. No more scrabbling about to find your bottle when you want a swig!

Your empty bottle holder or cup can be left in place as it doesn’t obstruct getting in and out of the car.