DB7 Volante 1999   60k

SALE  AGREED  (Dec 2020)

This car is really good. Anyone who wants to drive a DB7 Volante this year and go off wherever – could with this car. Its 20 years old, it will need maintaining sure, but it is good to go!

Aston Martin DB7 VantageVery late DB7 in near perfect rare “Tay Gold”. The car has all the bells and whistles from new as production was competing with the DB7 Vantage which was already on sale. Unmarked Mag Alloy wheels, tyres all good, fronts new. Has a very recent MOT. Everything works! Hand-brake buzzer fitted – to save leaving it on after roof  operation. Hood and tonneau cover are fine. Boot lights are LED so you can actually see and they are on a timer, otherwise the result is flat batteries! 

Current owner since 2011, I have known and serviced the car since 2015.  The car is now viewable near Leeds.

Those who know me would know I shy away from car sales as often fraught with problems…. this car is good and will give little trouble.


Dated: Sept 2020 – Contact me if interested.