Car Servicing
Regular maintenance checks
are crucial to keeping a car problem free. Aston Martin’s service schedules in the DB7 Owner’s Guide only extend for 7½ years, and we’ve learned that parts fail almost as much for under-use (after sitting in a garage) as for over-use (road miles). So in addition to the normal service checklist, I have a list of age-related things to check.
I also do repairs and restoration work.

Please note that prices below now include VAT.

The oil in your supercharger has probably never been topped up let alone changed (it’s not in the AM service schedule). See picture – one container has oil that has done 110,000 miles and the other is brand new… guess which is which! Correct, the oil on the right shows how important it is to have the Supercharger oil changed at regular intervals.

…not mentioned in the service schedules but it is not a bad idea to clean the reservoir and filter, replacing the hydraulic oil with fresh, to reduce the possibility of problems in the future.

Has your dash leather shrunk in the Sun? You are not alone, Ferraris and other exotica trimmed with natural materials suffer the same fate. There is no simple solution, the whole dash, down to footwell level has to come out of the car, go to a professional trimmer for stripping back and recovering with new hide. Trimming and hide costs are around £1200 (depending on hide texture and colour). So all in, fitted, will probably be just under £2000 if some of the associated panels are recovered at the same time.

Fitting an audible alarm rather than that light on the dashboard that no one can see …. can easily be reverted to original at any point. Now fits all DB7s. Can also fit beeper for more audible turn indicator too.