DB7 and DB7 Vantage


Regarded by many as one of the world’s most beautiful cars, the DB7 received many subtle but effective changes over its 10 year life to complement the elegant, yet classic body design which, since 1993 has epitomised the pedigree, heritage and tradition of Aston Martin.

1994 – 1999
335hp 155mph 3.2 litre, supercharged 24 valve straight six engine

Twenty five years on from the DB6, Ian Callum designed the DB7 to encompass all the unmistakable DB styling cues. Special attention was paid to the ride, to make this a true every day car. Commonly known as the i6 it was powered by a 155 mph all aluminium, 3.2 litre, supercharged 24 valve straight six engine with a 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic gearbox, 12 spoke 18 inch wheels with several other options. Originally available as a Coupè (fixed roof, two doors, and sloping rear) the Volante (convertible)  was launched in 1996.

DB7 Vantage

The DB7 received significant engineering enhancements in 1999 with the introduction of the DB7 Vantage – the first Aston Martin to use a V12 engine. The 48 valve, V12, 420bhp Vantage includes re-styled dash and centre console with manual, auto and Touchtronic gearshift options.  The Manual Coupè achieves 184mph, the Automatic Volante is limited to 165mph.

The most significant visual changes are the combined fog/indicator lamps, the wider grille, door mirrors moved from the door to the cheater panels, and more flare on the arches.

1999 – 2002
420hp 184mph 5.9-litre, 48-valve, V12 engine

10 Spoke 18 inch wheels, wider at the back were fitted as standard, with optional 5 and 10 spoke alloy wheels available.

DB7 V12 GT and GTA

A new DB7 variant was launched in 2002, named V12 GT or V12 GTA  (the ‘A’ meaning automatic transmission). Essentially an improved version of the Vantage, in manual (GT) form the V12 engine now having a power output of 435 hp .

2002 – 2003
435hp 184mph 5.9-litre, 48-valve, V12 engine

The GT and GTA chassis had substantially updated suspension from the DB7 Vantage models. The most significant visual changes being a mesh front grille, vents in the bonnet/hood, and a boot/trunk air spoiler. 9 spoke 19 inch wheels