1-An Example Product


This is the ‘Product SHORT Description’ – and is the one we will use.   When adding/amending a Product – its at the bottom of the form!

New Para 2

New Para 3

New Para 4

New Para 5

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This is the ‘Product Description’. Products are added/changed using WordPress (WP) Admin.  i.e. www.astondb7.com/wp-admin, then on left-hand menu list finding* Products>>Add New,  or Products>>All Products and finding and modifying the appropriate product.
* yes ‘finding’ the menu item is always hard … as they seem in no particular sequence ;!

New Para**  Each product requires a ‘Product Image’ – the image needs to be uploaded to WP’s  ‘Media’ – then you can use the  ‘Set product image’ button-text on the right hand side.  Images like this one can also be added in the description – using the ‘AddMedia’ button (at the top of the pane when entering the Prodcut description.)  but only at the begining/center/end of a line.

** New paragraphs are created when use the ‘Return/Enter’ key.
New lines can be created using Shift+Return.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 30 cm